Shinkai Makoto-style Night Sky with Northern Lights

geometry nodes
March 2022

Thanks to the amazing tutorial. It focuses on using shader editor on Blender to create:
  1. Clouds with Voronoi Textures + ColorRamp, projected on a scaled dome that reminisces the sky with perspective
  2. Galaxy (world material) with Musgrave Texture mixed with Gradient texture + ColorRamp with B-spline to create that Turqoise Light projected in the sky from camera pov
  3. Stars (part of the galaxy) - with (again!) Voronoi Textures with varying scale + color ramp to give bit of coloring
  4. Moon (Basic sphere with emission material + turn on Blooming to give the glowing radius effect)
Adding some basic animation on
  1. The location + scale of the "Northern Lights" which is actually the gradient texture + ColorRamp
  2. The location of the Clouds (which is actually a dome)
  3. Moon movement
The animations are not precisely in parallax but their movements are at different rates so it kind of gives that vibe.
The cherry on top - wanted to practice composition with mid-ground. Theoretically, since my camera is not moving, I could have just added a plane in front of the camera. But I went a different approach with geometry node (lol).
The Geometry node network for the "ground" basically is:
  1. Dome (again!) with Noise texture for creating that lumpy geometry of land
  2. Distribution on points + instance on point to create the density of "trees" which are basically instances of a simple cone mesh
  3. Land with Voronoi Texture to generate some simple shadowing area
Adjustment on the camera depth of field can give a blurry effect on the ground to make the spikes more like a mid-ground object.
In the end, I reckon using a plane can achieve the same result :laugh:
I am absolutely loving the result and will try to create scenes with sunset, sunrise...

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