Frances Ng
Frances with an "e"


Proudly from Hong Kong
Software Engineer @ Ctrl N Code
Amateur Animator / Languague Enthusiast / Tennis Maniac
Once upon a time, a young and curious wanted to understand how a plane could fly. So she did and was blown by aerodynamics.
And one day, the dream of coding ideas out (this time beyond the python uni assignment that orbited planets or some Matlab visualisation) grew into a completely different career path.
The crazy ride has gone from 🇯🇵 Tokyo, building hand-writing recognition application at 株式会社 Cogent Labs, to 🇸🇬 Singapore with graph database x KYC, to in the Motherland 🇭🇰 Hong Kong as a Senior Software Engineer advocating design system at Bowtie.
And it continues ✈️
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