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UI is Communication

Everett N McKay
  • UI should inspire confidence - it doesn’t overwarn
    • encouraging UI
    • builds users’ confidence that they are doing the right thing
    • nothing should ever be catastrophic/fatal/failure
  • Put some thought into the attributes in your everyday conversations. Think about conversations that are unimportant, hard to understand, overly terse, overly chatty, and rude and when you are constantly interrupted.
A UI is intuitive when target users understand its behavior and effect without use of reason, memorization, experimentation, assistance, or training.

An interaction starts with a Goal.
The main instruction answers the first question users have with an unfamiliar UI: - What am I supposed to do here?Inductive UIs explain each task step with a clear and concise main instruction that answers the first question users have: What am I supposed to do here? Everything on the page then accurately reflects that main instruction.Question is a common type of instruction
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