Farewell to grandma, and 2022

December 2022

Farewell to Grandma

The day my grandpa passed away 8 years ago was still vivid at times. I was with a cabin interior maintenance crew, working on some routine inspection work on overhead compartments. Basically when a plane is undergoing interior maintenance, it simply didn't look like one you'd go on a holiday with. It was an environment full of ladders, plastic wraps, toolboxes, and music. The cabin appeared like a mini-stage of stage show, as some seats might be removed, compartments are disassembled. People were busy working on their tasks, while chatting. By law, physical labour workers must take breaks after a certain period of labour, so during those days there were assigned break slots, just like those in school, but simply without the school bell alerting everyone "it's breaktime y'all!". After the first break of the day, I received the call from my dad that I should rush to the hospital asap.
It was a first. Death to me was not that far but still a bit of a hear-say concept. That day, everyone cried (miserably) around his hospital bed but eventually had to let go. He was 86, and he lived a great life. Although the photo we now hang in his place is a more strict-face one of his, his "profile picture" in my head will always be the one with his smile reaches eyes and face wrinkles up. When we take photos at grandma's place, his picture always is part of the composition. Sometimes, it is a bit mind-boggling and funny at times as we are type who like to take group photos to the extent even when sweeping tombs.
Yesterday, his wife, also as my grandma and my dad's mom, passed away very peacefully at 94. Coincidently, both grandma and grandpa passed away in December, maybe the weather bothered them. Same hospital, at different age. She was an absolute fighter of life, according to every family member. I did not remember much when she was diagnosed with cancer and amputated below knee on one leg. She definitely fought back everytime, perhaps because of her love of food. Her favourite food is crispy seafood roll, which I have associated this with her for god knows how long. Every lunar new year, we gather at her place to do Mahjong, which even before she got into hospital this last time in December, she still had the mind to play it intellectually. This is what they say it's already in her blood. Mahjong comes with McDonalds, because she loved McNuggets and fries, and sometimes McWings.
She had 2 maids taking care of her day-to-day and one of them was crying so hard knowing the news from hospital. Bonding is not something about proximity, nor benefits, nor territorial in family. Physical intimacy may nurtures bonding, but deep down, bonding is an alias of mutual understanding.
There's a lot to learn about in life.

Farewell to 2022

This animated short clip of my grandma showing peace sign on a mahjong table, with a fan lightly flowing through her hair, was one of the pieces I made in 2022. I really like it, and it really brought me back to the days we played mahjong together. I think I enjoy doing pieces like this, and I should continue next year. It brings joy.
2022 overall is a year of trying new things without (too much) overthinking. Although reaching year end did make me having more second thoughts, and I am trying to figure out why, not overthinking and just do it will continue to be my primary goals next year. And to be more honest with self, that if you do not enjoy, then admit it and do something else. It is fine, at least you tried. :D
Thank you 2022.
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