Road to a short #5: a Kissaten Scene with multiple shots Part 2: Kissaten Interior

animated short
May 2022

Heavily referenced my favourite Kissaten in Shibuya (Chatei Hatou) for the interior. The main objects in this scene:
  1. Wooden shelves
  2. Shiny cups, saucers, glasses placed on the shelf
  3. Slightly worn wall
  4. Table
  5. Chairs


I had this wild thought on doing the distribution of cups/glasses with geometry node. Distribution on faces with minimum distance :laugh: But I need to practice balancing the layout. Instancing the cups will do. One of the experiments with the cups is on shader. I wanted them to have the same material but with randomly picked colors from a specified range. Ideally when a cup instance is duplicated, no material should be duplicated, but the new cup might have different colors. A simple network of maths node with less than / greater than of a random number from object info, and outputting to mix RGB's factor will do the trick. That worked very well with saucer as well, being parented to the cup, but not necessarily have the same color.

Wooden Shelves

The wooden shelves have basic shapes, but they needed to have some edge marks or damaged to make them more fit to a Kissaten with history. There goes MESH BOOLEAN! Intersecting mesh boolean with base geometry and a noise texture (powered and multiplied). The same trick was applied to the table. Texture wise, both the shelves and table have wood grain. Instead of using image texture, tried using a mix of voronoi and noise, with stretch to create the look.


Originally the scene only involved a zoom in/out. I did a bit of chair movement with the help of audio :laugh: to make it more enriched, because it is such a static scene.

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