7 Days

December 2021

It's the end of 2021 and Covid is not going away.
One day out of curiosity (and maybe nostalgia), I dug from drive on some of the songs I created back in the uni days. WAY BACK...
From time to time I have the urge to do the same thing and it was particularly shocking this time as I found out the created dates lol
I had this crazy stream of ideas coming in everyday and not sure what gave me the pulse to create them (lyrics, harmony, song arrangement with percussion, and many random sound effect!!). I had one guitar, and an iPad (maybe) - and it was already more than enough to help me translate all these ideas out. To this date, every time I listen to my own songs (damn it sounds extremely narcissistic! :laugh:), I am able to get back into my thoughts back then and unforgivably giving myself a pat on the back.
Also one thing that always surprised me was that I absolutely had no shame to share, like I would send email to my friends and family with my songs as attachment and ask them to give it a listen as soon as I finished everyone of them.
One of the songs I wrote was "7 Day". It was an upbeat, acoustic song. It was about the self-instantiated "pressure" on achieving something like a dream, and my own realisation of a "dream".
I absolutely still love this song so much and thinking to do a re-edition seriously.
Day one I realise I had a dream What's it all about, somehow it's in trash bin Picking up the pieces in my mind I just wanna draw the sketch and pin it up Day two I try to remember how To plan everything that it will just work out Write up all the lists that I think I'll do Have the feeling that it won't go as far # We all have a dream And that's something we might know Deep inside of us but we just put it all behind And live without To put thoughts in act, keep promises right there Not for the other ones who thought that You should do whatever they ask you to Day three I follow the plan I draft But the first thing in mind is "so damn hard!" Trying to rearrange the to do list Inside which are things that look impossible Day four I'm forced to re-demonstrate How determined I was used to be So far I haven't done a single thing Why the hell not putting it into practice Day five I'm on the edge to give up It's so painful to know that I'm so trivial Same old feeling just about to show Is it of my fate that makes it so Day six I dump everything outside Enjoy life in my own standard and feel nice Why can't life just to be like this Does it hurt to lay back but I really feel good Everyone says that you should just have a dream Without which makes living with no purpose at all Who decide on what is the common sense And the basis always just lies in yourself Day seven I realise dreams are just To do something you like and that's pretty much
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