2021 oops never mind

August 2021

The pinnacle of every new year is the time when you write the year wrong and I have already done it. What an achievement.
Have this strong urge to write some quick thoughts on this year's Australian Open, which just ended last Sunday. It is the first 'normal' slam since last year's same event. Roland Garros was postponed as winter sports, Wimbledon was cancelled, US Open was a closed-door event completely.
Throw-back to last year, we travelled to Australia to watch the first 2 days of AO before heading home for chinese new year. Being the 'Happy Slam', Melbourne Park really delivered such an immersive experience that with a crazily high level of excitement when we stepped in. And for this year's event, it is strange yet uplifting to seeing people entering the park - lots of them, from TV. It is not normal to feel "wow - there's a lot of people..." for any sporting events under normal circumstances, but we adapt. and the hard-quarantine dramas happened before the slam started had us all entertained even from afar. (Poot's disney tone especially...).
This event has delivered 100%. Even if it remains a very poor time for truly enjoy sports given there are a lot of shits going on in the world still, the perserverance / grittiness that you can only see from a Slam gives us strength.
Emotionally invested as always. We love our tennis lols
I will devote more time in this new year to do random stuff that I love the most. Last month I was inspired by this Netflix drama with amazing CGs and concepts - made this three js sketch as a result.
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