US Open 2022 Draw Preview

October 2020

I remain shocked every single year when realising it is already time for US Open. Meaning we are entering the last quarter of the year. It is probably the first year without any major disruption in the tennis schedule, not that it's drama-free, but at least it was a full slam year. The world remains as chaotic as it could be, and hopefully, there is still some sanity in tennis.
Djokovic missed AO and USO because of his vaccination status, which is very unfortunate. I am pretty sure next year he'll get to play all of them, (the fact that we're entering 4th year of COVID-era is shocking-enough). Not a fan as always, but everyone has got to admit that his presence in any draw is exciting.

Men's 128, Women's 128. Fun/Pathetic R1 match.

Kyrgios vs Kokkinakis: For draw like this, you always wonder if a certain part of the draw is rigged. For a round-one match it is beyond pop-corn level, but if it's scheduled 3am in the morning it is not the excitement that I'd wake up for it. It's going to be a night match so guess we're up! (and it is going to be on Arthur Ashe? wow...)
PCB vs Thiem: Gutted for Thiem, but it is going to be GOOOOOOOD. You can always trust PCB for delivering something solid, and his recent Cincinnati title run was LEGENDARY. I don't get why it is on Court 17, with Thiem being a former champion. Honestly sometimes Tennis vs Agency work behind is very mind-blowing. Yes it is always about star-power and tickets, for this match-up it at least deserve Louis Armstrong? or Grandstand?
Fognini vs Karatsev: They put this at Court 13, so it is going to be hyped. Whoever gets to watch this on the courtside, a Court 13 court-side! Fognini has been sending out the retirement vibes, and Karatsev has been playing error-prone tennis since..forever. I think Fognini is going to get Karatsev but regardless of how, the process is going to be hilarious and fun.
Honourable Mentions
Nishioka vs Fokina, Baez v Alcaraz
Osaka vs Collins
I hate to say it but the Women's draw is very very very very very un-exciting. Keys vs Yastremska is marginally something to look forward to but not something that can be categorised as exciting. There's only one match that might make it exciting which is Naomi's, but it is more like a match between two players that aren't in-form.
Bringing back the US-Open isometric court from 2 years ago.
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