Hello World

August 2020

Finally migrated to Gatsby.js 🎊

2020 has been a shit year. extremely shitty.
And it is also why we shouldn't let 2020 go just as shitty as it already has been.
Let's try do something to make it less shitty beginning from things that we can make a difference. I have decided to start from the things that I have been telling myself that I should do, but have million excuses to do it later.
I first created this website around the end of 2015 (holy shit that long ago...) and it has had the same layout from the first day it was launched. The concept of guided scroll with the plane icon, mimicking taxiway, aprons, plane sliding (not the right word but...) along the runway still somehow remind me a lot of my passion when I first decided to become a software engineer.
A lot has happened since then. I have taken up roles in Tokyo, Singapore, remote working, relocating back in HK, and here we are, 2020 the pandemic year.
I remember my supervisor in Tokyo once asked/told me this (when I decided to leave Tokyo for Singapore) - "Maybe if you are feeling stagnant over the current role, there could be other solutions than making dramatic decision such as moving to another country again lol".
Will start from this new blog, and a new doodle section.
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