Frances Ng

Full Stack Web Developer

Curious, Adaptive and Creative.
Exploring how to make the world better with code.



MEng in Aeronautics & Astronautics
University of Southampton, UK

Worked as Aircraft Engineer for 2 years

Jumped out of Aviation to CODE my life out

Exponentially growing passion in coding

Striving to be a good open source contributor

I am currently working as a Front-end Engineer in Cogent Labs Inc in Tokyo, Japan



Be Inspired and Inspire the Others

Node.js - Neo4J - Express- AngularJS

What is it?

SONDERS is a platform to get inspired by others' life stories whilst inspiring the others with your very own life journey. Users can share their life stories in terms of 'stages' and 'events', eg. the event labelled as Low Point could be 'Ran away from school to watch random movies for several times' could be an event in the stage 'Rebellious Stage'. The series of stages/events make up a timeline that allow other users to get a more in-depth understanding of yourself even if you are a stranger.

Why I did it?

As a personal project started back in July 2015, I have always been fascinated by others' stories through random chats/encounter for people whom I might know a little of other than their professional title or status. Started off as an experimental project with my skills with VBA (the only language that I could produce quick prototype of at that time), this project was literally the 'turning point' for me to dig deep into web developement. I have been so excited (still) that I picked up Neo4j on top of my new skill-sets to put some loose idea into actual piece of web application.


Graph Database Recruitment Tool

Node.js - Neo4J - Express- AngularJS- D3.js

What is it?

A freelance project helping a local recruitment firm to transform the status-quo of heavy reliance on relational database to graph database. It faciliates the efficiency of shortlisting a particular candidate on multiple layers of filtering without the complication of customising raw SQL on unique search.


Integrating d3.js with Neo4j application is intuitive, yet requires effort in compiling an angular directive to faciliate the data-flow. I customised node-edge svg display with features collapsible, expand, zoom etc with the limitation of native d3 support in tree diagram/network presentation


Share your coding notes as an article

Node.js - MongoDB - Evernote SDK

What is it?

NotePress is an article publishing platform for junior web-developers to share their works or interesting findings. Users can connect their Evernote account to fetch notes and use the text-editor on the platform to add contents on top of the note contents.

Why I did it?

As an active user of Evernote to keep my coding notes/remarks, I wanted to make use of the awesome Evernote SDK to hack my own notebooks and transform the contents into sharable materials with others.


IoT experimental project to hack your home with a web app

Raspberry Pi - Ruby On Rails - PostgresSQL - Web Socket

What is it?

A collaboration web app with @ianienchoo. Users who own a raspberry pi + shield combo can connect their robots instantly and fetch real-time data from the sensors effortlessly through the web app.

Why I did it?

With no previous experiences on Raspberry Pi, I was curious about how web app can be linked to hardware dynamically. I was also very excited on building it for real-life use cases such as home monitoring

Pikachu Volleyball

Remake of the classic Japanese game with pure Javascript

HTML5 - CSS3 - Javascript

What is it?

A remake of a classic Japanese multiplayer game . Players can jump, spike and move to hit the pikaball at perfect angle and to gain points.

Why I did it?

Executing animation through coding was the magic point for me on Javascript. I wanted to challenge myself on coding motions in physics (trajectory and 3rd Law) with this nostalgic game which I used to play on a daily basis in secondary school.






React Native





Ruby On Rails







Data Visualisation






I recently went to Render Conference 2017 in Oxford, U.K. to speak about 'The Struggles of Front-end Engineer'. The experience was new (as it was my first talk ever), nervous and mega-inspring. You can check out my slides here


Open Data / Machine Learning

Refamiliarising with Python (from college days) and learning about Machine Learning. Few years back I did a project on data management and visualisation on turbulent flow and it was great fun but I did not dig deep onto more daily-life related type of mining back then.

I am experimenting on using the currently available educational open data in Hong Kong to create a career-planning website for students. Initial scope of the project is on creating a mentorship platform for students to gain pre-professional networking and advises. Will see how that goes.