Pikachu Volleyball (2015)

The very first javascript mini-game I made. It is a remake of a classic Japanese multiplayer game. Players can jump, spike and move to hit the pikaball at perfect angle and to gain points

Executing animation through coding was the magic point for me on Javascript. I wanted to challenge myself on coding motions in physics (trajectory and 3rd Law) with this nostalgic game which I used to play on a daily basis in secondary school

Pikachu Volleyball is a classic Japanese multiplayer game that was around more than a decade ago at a time when the the world was still using floppy disk to store the game and pass around. It was an .exe and has only been available on Window OS sadly. This is a remake of the game with JavaScript/HTML/CSS in browser environment. Pikachu can jump, spike, move around freely.


Three orientations are invovled: initialize, game page, restart page
INITALIZE: Player can hover on the key to get info on controls canvas GAME: Player can jump with the corresponding control jump up key jump RESTART: GAME prompt for restart when maximum point is reached gameover