Random Grumbles

by Frances Ng

US Open and Roland Garros 2020 in the exact order

Wed Oct 14 2020

We love our tennis 🎾 Just realised my last one on isometric art was on 23th August. It was on the same week when Western & Southern Open started (a.k.a. Cincinnati Open). That explains why it has been almost 2 months lol For avid tennis fans who hav...

Isometric Qwerty Keyboard

Sat Aug 22 2020

Without lingering too much on the US Open tennis court pixel art construction (lol), I suddenly have the urge to try constructing isometric views purely with CSS (as deep down we all know CSS is holy powerful if you decide drill into it...) The idea ...

2.5D aka Isometric Pixel Art

Thu Aug 20 2020

Wanted to do a pixel art theme on my website, and ended up reminiscing too much on Roller Coaster Tycoon's retro style (good lord...) and found lots of goods in the web, including this awesome library obelisk.js. This library elevates the view angle ...

Hello World

Sun Aug 09 2020

Finally migrated to Gatsby.js 🎊 2020 has been a shit year. extremely shitty. And it is also why we shouldn't let 2020 go just as shitty as it already has been. Let's try do something to make it less shitty beginning from things that we can make a ...